Off Balance Sheet (OBS)

What is an ‘Off Balance Sheet – OBS’

Off balance sheet (OBS) items refer to properties or liabilities that do not appear on a company’s balance sheet however that are nonetheless effectively properties or liabilities of the company. Properties or liabilities designated off balance sheet are typically ones that a business is not the recognized legal owner of, or in the case of a liability, does not have direct legal duty for. As an example, although loans issued by a bank are normally continued the bank’s balance sheet, when some loans are securitized and sold as investments, that securitized financial obligation will be deflected the bank’s books, and an operating lease is among the most typical off-balance products.

BREAKING DOWN ‘Off Balance Sheet – OBS’

Off balance sheet items are an essential issue for investors in regard to evaluating a business’s monetary health. Off balance sheet products are typically difficult to identify and track within a company’s monetary statements due to the fact that they usually just appear in the accompanying notes. Another concern is that some off balance sheet items have the possible to become surprise liabilities. For instance, collateralized debt responsibilities (CDO), where possessions that make up the CDO are debt obligations, can end up being hazardous assets– ones that can all of a sudden become almost completely illiquid– before financiers understand the business’s financial direct exposure, because the CDOs are off balance sheet items.

How Off Balance Sheet Funding Works

An operating lease, used in off balance sheet financing, is a good example of a common off balance sheet item. Presume that a company has a recognized line of credit with a bank which a monetary covenant condition for the bank extending credit is that the company should keep its debt-to-assets ratio listed below a specified level. Taking on additional financial obligation to finance the purchase of brand-new computer hardware would break the line of credit covenant by raising the debt-to-assets ratio above the optimum defined level.

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Things to consider while choosing credit cards

In today’s world, there is very less use of hard cash for transactions. Infact, the world is moving towards a cashless economy. In order to keep pace with the trend of going cashless, it is important that you have the prerequisites with you. One such thing is the credit cards. A credit card allows you to make transactions using your card and you can later deposit your amount to your card. This allows you to carry only your card with you instead of huge bundles of notes.

But there are negative consequences as well if you use your credit card improperly. So, if you planning to choose the best credit card services, here are some points which you should consider.

Spending Habits

Before you opt for a credit card, you should first figure out your spending habits. There are credit cards available for different spending habits and scenarios. If you are a sincere person who can pay the bill regularly within the due date, then look for a credit card with little to no annual fee. On the other hand, if you are looking to carry the balance from the previous month, then you should look for a card with the lowest interest rate.

Interest rate

On most of the credit card offers, you are going to find the interest rate as the Annual Percentage Rate which could either be a fixed rate or variable rate.  There are various companies who are willing to offer you a credit card at zero percentinterest rate while this may be temporary at times. So check the company for any such offers and ask for the minimum amount which you need to pay for your card. There are other credit card companies which have a higher interest rate but at the same time, they also provide various rewards and discount offers which might something to look for.


Many credit card service providers offer great reward programs. Under these programs, you can earn points which can be used for various purposes like travel booking, retail purchases,and many other transactions. These are great, especially if you are looking to use your credit card regularly and for most of the time. There is competition among different credit card service provider, so make sure you choose the one which provides you the maximum benefit.

Credit Limit

The credit limit is something which is very crucial to look at while you are choosing a credit card. You should have a proper idea about the amount which you are about to spend in a month. You can be flexible with it but make sure that you don’t choose a credit card with a very low credit limit nor a very high credit limit. A low credit limit would mean that you cannot buy all your regular stuff using your credit card and a high credit limit would make you spend your card carelessly which might be a little hard for you to pay off in the end.


It is never easy to choose the best credit card services as there are pros and cons in all of the options. However, you need to figure out your priority and uses before you settle for any one of them.

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